Alogon Gallery
easy-going videos
Alogon Gallery asked Neil Infalvi to put together a collection of video works that could be viewed online. Later in the season we are planning a show of video works that require installation- the idea here was to present an alternative perspective. The pieces included in this screening exist as information rather than experience, their small size and low quality deny them the potential to immerse the viewer but, in exchange, those same qualities allow them to be widely available, presentable to a wider public. The pieces here take advantage of these qualities to varying extents, some are intended for higher quality presentations and have been 'degraded' for the purpose of being on the internet, while others were made exclusively for this kind of release. Having the various approaches presented together is intended to create a dialogue that will expand with future shows and screenings.

1. Wallace Berman -
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

2. David Robbins --
Ice Cream Social

3. Michael Moschen & Animal Charm --
juggling sounds & sacred geometry

4. Geoffrey Hammerlink --
Snake Cakes also Bowling

5. Andre Hyland --
The Sunshine Adventure

6. Tom Rubnitz --
Pickle Surprise

7. Tina Boles & Fyzal Balifa --
Life Drawing

8. Sleater Kinney Directed by Miranda July --
Get Up

9. Sesame Street --
Wegman Dogs Demonstrate Three

10. Sesame Street --
Wegman Weimaraner is a King

11. Siouxsie and the Banshees -
Siouxsie and the Banshees

12. Chris Isaak --
Wicked Game

13. Devo --
Jocko Homo

14. Psychic TV --

15. Animal Charm --
slow gin soul stallion

16. Laurie Anderson --
O Superman

17. Brian Eno & David Byrne --
Mea Culpa

18. Frank Zappa --
Baby Snakes

19. Gelitin --

20. Gelitin --
penguin fiction

21. Peter Fischli and David Weiss --
der Rechte Weg

22. Silf & Olly --
United States of Whatever

23. Mathieu Chedid and Sean Lennon --

24. Ariel Pink, Directed by Eric Fensler --
Are you going to look after my boys

25. Milhaus --

26. Scott Reeder --

27. newly rediscovered Bas Jan Ader film
Bas Jan Ader

28. David Horvitz --
Merry Christmas Uta

29. Chris & Cosey --
October Love Song

30. COIL --
Sex with Sun-Ra

31. Richard Jost and Ant Farm --
The Mojo Relic

32. Mickey Moonlight --
Interplanetary Music