Alogon Gallery
Only Blue Dear Lonely American
Alogon Gallery is pleased to present Only Blue Dear Lonely American, an art exhibition curated by the art collective I.E. This show focuses on the translation of a previous show in September of 2007 at IA Space in Hong Kong, where Benjamin Bellas, Justin Cooper, Stuart Keeler, Clinton King, Noelle Mason, Ross Moreno and Magdalen Wong were artists in residence. The exhibition in Hong Kong was funded in part by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, The Illinois Arts Council and private donors. Only Blue Dear Lonely American is an attempt to expound on these Artists' experience. The following is the original press release written by I.E. for the previous show, which has been translated from Chinese back into English:

Namely, seven independent artist network work on international, explores the possible heaven and the inconceivable truth subject. The Only Blue Dear Lonely American illusion revealed which in theirs work surveys them by to hug performative, the experimental nature and the component extemporaneously is sceptical to society's Utopist ideal reality. The medium for example performance, the photography, the video recording and the sound use in individual who expresses the negotiations culture custom explicitly and the social history. Although their work discipline, they origin from the carving perspective. Namely. The faintly recognizable concept distilled entered the physical demonstration. The work adopts the form to be equally various frequently acts the witchcraft drum to wait for likely does not exist daughter in American girl position; From package design sound constitution to honest magic skill. Through respective esthetic and the conceptive strategy, the place reality is transformed indulgently, and was explained. Finally, the object and the experience cannot separate.
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