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Other Options
Curated by InCUBATE

Josh Greene
Phil Orr
Ryan Thompson

"What new generative social possibilities do these activities create? How do they interface with broad political and philosophical themes? Are they fun? These are questions that seem infinitely more useful than, how they function "as art." - LeisureArts

In terms of finance, given the field of economic support for contemporary artistic and cultural endeavors in the United States; a field that is polarized by the categories of forprofit and non-profit incorporation; a field that is problematized by a globalizing market attuned to privatization and the tenants of neoliberal policy – What are some other options?

In terms of contemporary art, given a field of practice so complicated by the recent social turn to issues of relationalism; a field that is polarized by an aesthetic drive to expand upon the traditional discourses of artistic practice, and an activist drive to expand the field itself into the realm of everyday life – What are some other options?

For now, it seems as though many of these other options may be lingering in a realm of dark matter, glistening just beneath the surface of everyday life. The seeds of other options are embedded in questions of autonomy, marginalization, the politics of imagination, self-realization, social being here and now, culture beyond the culture industry, new approaches to knowledge, new approaches to the channeling of culture, and new forms of subjectivity. Yet although the theoretical contemplation of emancipatory possibility can be quite exciting, a practical application and enactment of other options remains a much more difficult and frustrating affair.

Other Options, by displaying three different versions of intervention practiced in relation to "everyday" systems of cultural, artistic, economic and social production is therefore an attempt to push beyond the recent infatuation with 'relational aesthetics' and the 'social turn' of contemporary art by presenting the necessary question of technique.