Alogon Gallery
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Discipline Problems
Curated by Joseph Grigely

April 26 to May 3rd 2008 Alogon Gallery, hours: Sundays 1-4pm

Performance and Opening Reception: Saturday, April 26th 7-10pm

Film Screening and Closing Event: Saturday May 3rd 7-10pm

Alogon Gallery is pleased to present Discipline Problems, an exhibition of work by Sarah Alford, Katie Lennard, AndrewandAndrea, Alicia Chester, Ellen Alderman, Danielle Sommer, Rebecca Gordon, Kristi McGuire, Mike Gibisser, Samantha Topol, Jesse Vogler, Szu-Han Ho, and Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn, with a performance by Joey Orr, and a screening program of occult shit films, Channeling: An Invocation of Spectral Bodies and Queer Spirits, organized by Ethan White and Latham Zearfoss. The exhibition will be accompanied by a pre-release of Canon, a certain journal of uncertain disposition.

Discipline Problems takes its cue from Gauguin's depiction of Van Gogh's attempt to make soup while living together in the south of France, an effort similar to institutional attempts to develop multidisciplinary programs in the arts.

Gauguin describes the problem thus:

"We kept a box,--so much for hygienic excursions at night, so much for tobacco, so much for incidental expenses including rent. On top of it lay a scrap of paper and a pencil for us to write down virtuously what each of us took from this chest. In another box was the rest of the money, divided into four parts, to pay for our food each week. We gave up our little restaurant, and I did the cooking, on a gas-stove, while Vincent laid in the provisions, not going very far from the house. Once, however, Vincent wanted to make a soup. How he mixed it, I didn't know: as he mixed his colors in his pictures, I dare say. At any rate, we couldn't eat it."